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Who We Are

Roll deep.

From Commodore to the cloud, Transcend is a venture firm created by game industry veterans that have built digital entertainment companies for decades. We’ve worked on some of the largest franchises in the industry and with some of the most innovative developers and ambitious creators in the world.

Deal deep.

We’ve done industry-shaping acquisitions and grok the buy-side perspective of the giants. We focus on global trends impacting the digital entertainment market and scour the world in service of the most talented teams in games and interactive entertainment.


Who We Work With


We partner with craftspeople at the top of their game focused on creating something momentous for a passionate global audience. We leverage our experience and networks to go deep on product strategy, hunt for market validation, and help path our portfolio teams to exceptional outcomes.


Fandoms are not built in a day and neither are the teams that create them. We help founders develop the creative and commercial narratives that attract talent, audience, capital, and opportunity to their companies.

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